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Microblading and Shading Fundamental Training

Upcoming Classes :  


After you finish this course you will have all necessary tools to start your Microblading and nano Strokes business. Also you will have unlimited support. You are going to learn the latest techniques of Nano and Microblading . You will put hands on live models and  feel confident to start your business in this Millionaire Industry. We will transfer all our knowledge that we earned from years of experience to you . We will make sure that you will succeed in your new career . Olga's dream is to be proud of her team and you can be part of it. 

The Ultimate Training Experience’


iBrows by Olga 4 Day Microblading, Nano Machine & Shading Training

Our complete training program is designed to teach you everything you need to be successful. This 4-days  training includes:

  • 24 hours of in-class training plus 76 hours of assessments. 

  • Small class sizes with up to 5 students and 1 live model for each student

  • Supplies list and consent forms.

  • Starter kit.


Day 1:

On your first day, you will learn about techniques and practice on artificial skin. Then, you will learn and engage through didactic modules. Your first day of training will wrap up with a discussion 

Day 2:

With the knowledge from Day 1,  we continue our theory and more practice on fake skin

Day 3:

Machine Work and Practice 

Day 4:Review of all Theory. Small test.

Hands on Models work 



DAY 1 :

Welcome to the Brow Boss Life


Eyebrows the TREND 

Eyebrow Microblading and Shading Overview 

Eyebrow Nano Machine Overview

Anatomy of Skin and Brow Hair

Brow Mapping and Shaping

Health, Hygiene and Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens

Personal Hygiene

Strokes Pattern Manual Technique

Needle Placement 

Practice in Fake Skin and Fruits 

Day 2 :  

Color Theory

2 Numbing Styles 

Blades and Needles configuration 

How to Manage Complications

 Review Sterilization OSHA requirements and Regulations (in class)

Depends of your county. We will give you the information to contact Health Department .

Manage Expectations (class discussion)

Hair Stroke Patterns Nano Machine Technique


Day 3:

Color Theory

Color Correction

Shading and Ombre Brows practice 

After Care and Touch ups

How to Increase Retention

Consent Form Review 

Case Studies

Steps in the Microblading Appointment  

Business and Marketing

General Discussion

 Suppliers List


Day 4:

Consultation on live Models

Microblading and Shading on live Models 

Graduation and Certification (100 hours)




Training Kit Includes:

We supply you with all of the materials needed to complete your Brows training and provide you with a microblading starter kit which includes:

  • disposable  Manual Microblading pens

  • disposable needles

  • pigments (best in the market)

  • many practice skin/head 

  • microfiber tip

  • Measurement Threat

  • pigment cups

  • brow brushes

  • PMU  Wireless Machine with needles to perform Strokes and Shading. This machine is one of the greatest quality machine that can be used for many years and have amazing results 

  • Brow pencil

  • Numbing creams

  • After care kit

  • Mask

  • Caps

  • eyebrow razor, etc

  • manual

  • supplies list

  • Consent forms

  • and more



Price: $3499  




Deposit (non refundable)  $999


Requirements :

18 years old minimum 

Foto ID

Pay a non refundable Deposit of $999

Fill up the Application and Submit it to us

BBP (Blood Borne Pathogens) certification from your State


Note:The balance will be paid 5 days before your class date by credit card, Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle or Cash.     "No Exceptions to this rule"

For Questions please email us at

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