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Please Read carefully our Policies and Agreements  and PMU Contraindications before book the service. Deposits are deducting from the total price of your service and it is not refundable under any circumstances 

If you have oily skin, sensitive skin, big large pores or previous tattooed eyebrows by other artist  please book the Strokes with Shading service for best results.

If you are Olga's previous client and need to book a touch up, please make sure you are selecting the right service based on the length from last session, otherwise you will be billed for the difference at your appointment . We recommend you to book your first touch up with your initial appointment for 8 weeks later to make sure you have an spot reserved.


Healed results will vary with each individual client. No guarantees can or will be made. Additional sessions (at a minimum charge) may be required to obtain optimal results. We have the right to refuse any client. Although we give our best efforts to provide you with quality service, many factors can result in a less than desired outcome as each client will heal differently. 


Due to the nature of our detailed services and Health department Regulations, we kindly request that you arrive unaccompanied to your appointment. Please— no friends, spouses, children, and pets allowed.


We are extremely selective when working over other tattoo artist's work.  You will need to book a new full Eyebrow Service with Shading. Please email us a picture of your  eyebrows  before booking your appointment .  Don't book a Touchup appointment if you are not previous client of iBrows by Olga, please book a full service instead.

Small Deposit is required to confirm your appointment in all services


1. Select your Service Bellow (Select Category First to see the service)


2.Select Date and time


3.Pay Deposit (remaining balance will be paid upon appointment , we take debits and credit cards but preferably cash (will be appreciated ). Click in the Paypal Logo even if you don't have a Paypal account. After the Paypal opens you can scroll down and click on "Pay with Credit Card" you don't need a Paypal Account to pay your deposit. Please be aware of it. 


4.You will receive a confirmation in your email and details for the appointment 


5.Booking is only Online (no phone bookings)


6.Consultation is optional and it is not a requirement to book any service (personal preference and some cases is best.  To require a consultation please email us to,  enter the subject  "Consultation Request". This will be a free 15 minutes consultation.


7. Download the  PDF forms and fill them up before your appointment.  You will require to have them with you.  (Forms page) Get them here...

8.Chat with us if you have any questions


9.Arrive at time for your appointment, bring the forms with you and a copy of your photo ID


10.Be ready for a New Look!!!!








Select the Service

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