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 "My obsession for the art of eyebrows began when I had to shape my own brows everyday since I over plugged them. Perfecting my own brows was a nightmare and a waste of time every single day, specially when I was in a rush.  I realized there are issues like over-tweezed, or sparse eyebrows, and brows with no arch, that can’t be remedied by an eyebrow wax and tint. It inspired me to advance my skills further so I could offer one of the hottest beauty trends in Georgia and US.; Eyebrow Nanoblading (Microblading) Nano Machine Strokes,Ombre Brows and Permanent Makeup. My personal background being a Brow Shape Designer myself,  combined with Master Nano Techniques for Permanent Makeup and Eyebrows, Microblading Eyebrows training plus Cosmetic Tattoo (PMU) by the bests Master Trainers in USA and Europe. Licensed and Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist has given me the skill to enhance and transform any eyebrows into a masterpiece.

My work is driven by my passion to promote all forms of beauty, and in doing so I promise you, I will never get anything less than my absolute best!

Let me improve your look!!!"

Olga Arellano



Why should you Book with Olga?

1.- Olga is a truly Artist and has already completed her  Nano Machine and Microblading Master Certification

2.- Olga had done over 3000 Eyebrows and Permanent Makeup treatments.

3.- Olga compliances with OSHA Regulations, Licenses and Insurance .

4.- Olga works in a clean, sterile and modern Studio located in a High-end Alpharetta Georgia 

5.- Olga is a  perfectionist and she cares about her clients, she makes sure her job is impeccable from start to finish.

6.- Olga has special eyes for beauty

7. Olga has been trained with the best Master Artists in USA and Europe​

8. She understands  skin types and skin conditions leading to best healing results. 

9. Olga is a Trainer herself  who certifies others to become Permanent Makeup Artist

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